Hey, I’m on Etsy!

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, but as you can probably tell, I’m making a concerted effort to kick off this year with more consistent blog posts. That said, it’s time to do a little catching up.

In 2014, I sensed God leading me to launch a creative fundraising effort to aid my dear friend in bringing clean water, medical services, and education to rural Ethiopia. Enter CuppaLove Cupcakes for Ethiopia. God has blessed this little calling abundantly! I’ve been able to bake thousands of delicious treats for people all over my local community, which has given me a fun creative outlet, provided others with high-quality confections at a competitive price, AND helped bring life-giving relief to an impoverished community across the world!

CuppaLove is still going strong, and in 2015 the Lord put another endeavor on my heart. This time, my boys got to be involved too. It started with a homeschool project, making homemade playdough. We had just moved from summer into the cooler, cozier days of Fall, and I felt an urge to give our playdough a little added seasonal flair. So, we tinted it orange and added essential oils – orange, cinnamon and clove. Delightful!! We could not stop playing with it. We shared some with friends, and then quickly got to thinking how many other scents we could try.

Realizing this project was marketable, and could reach way beyond our local community, the boys and I whipped up a dozen scent varieties, and then launched our online shop, HappyDough!  Through it we’ve been able to raise even more funds for the latest project, a much-needed high school building…and the awesome thing is we can ship it anywhere in the USA! I hope you’ll visit our shop and check out what we have to offer. All proceeds are donated to the relief project, and once you try HappyDough you’ll never want the storebought stuff again!

Here’s our current scent lineup:
Spiced OrangeP1180256
Limecold and flu
Cold & Flu RemedyP1180323
Chocolate MintP1180327
Candy Cane

And Coming soon…
Ginger (gold sparkle!)
and HappyDough toolkits, complete with rollers, cutters, and all sorts of fun accessories for hours of building fun!