Have a Cuppa Love

It’s been a couple weeks since the launch of Cuppa Love – Cupcakes for Clean Water.  This week is our first official “Sales Week,” meaning now is the time to purchase cupcake vouchers for anytime thru the end of 2014.  I am updating and posting info on the Facebook page, but thought it would be handy for non-FBers to also post here.  So, if you’re local (Portland Metro Area) and in need of a sweet fix for a sweet cause, be sure to sign up this week!

how to order pic




Voucher pic

Also, for those of you who haven’t heard, I am hosting a completely *free* tasting party {ladies only} this Thursday, August 14 from 7-8:30!  I need a headcount today in order to prepare enough cupcakes for everyone, so again, if you’re local, and want to come, please email me!  I will host another when we get closer to the holidays for kiddos as well.  Here is just a little smattering of some of the deliciousness you might get to enjoy at the party:


Lord bless!


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