…And this is it!

I gave you a teaser this week of something big in the works.  Well are you ready?

I can’t hear you!


Ok.  That’s more like it.

I’m thrilled to announce that I am partnering with my beautiful and inspirational friend, Kristen Greene, in her ongoing missions to bring medical relief and clean water to the rural regions of Ethiopia.  I first met Kristen several years ago at a jewelry party fundraiser.  Her story burrowed deep into my heart – she was first exposed to the harsh poverty in Ethiopia when she adopted her two precious children from rural Bachira, ET.  After God brought her daughter and son home to a life of health and safety, Kristen had an indelible urge to go back and do more.  She has since headed up several relief efforts through fundraising to provide a maternity clinic, pediatric clinic, and an ambulance to this impoverished region.  Kristen has such a deep love for the people of Bachira and surrounding communities, and no project is too big for her to tackle!  As I’ve gotten to know her through these fundraisers and our growing friendship, Kristen has taught me what it means to be eternally-minded and others-focused.

bachira water
Children of Bachira – including Kristen’s kids’ biological brother – at their current water source

Needless to say, immediately I was HOOKED.  Not being one to splurge on fashion, Kristen’s fundraisers gave me a fun, tangible way to help aid the efforts in Ethiopia while shopping for presents I’d otherwise be buying at the mall.  Since then, all the ladies in my family know what to expect each Christmas.  Buying jewelry to aid these life-giving projects was just a no-brainer!

Recently Kristen expanded her fundraising opportunities to include a revolutionary new makeup line.  I happily signed up to host a party, which was a raging success – thanks to many of YOU!  Hugs and kisses to all you dears who helped bring clean water to more than ten impoverished children.  Yes, a few dozen tubes of mascara did THAT!

clean water

Well, you might say I was high on fundraising…because midway through the party I got an itch.  An itch to do more.  Lots more.  What could I do?  What was my niche?  How might  I channel my own passions and creativity to make a difference in these precious lives, long-term?

Friends, this is where the rubber meets the road.  Unto good works.  It’s what I strive to be about.  It’s about doing things that God created me to do – with the talents I owe only to Him – in a way that blesses others and draws them near to Him.  Now, some might argue that the pastimes of a homeschooling housewife are trivial.  Not big enough for God’s work.  I beg to differ.

Cuppa Love logo pic

Enter Cuppa Love – cupcakes for clean water. 

Yes, you heard that right!  This Fall I will strive to help push Kristen’s clean water project over the finish line, to be fully funded, by making and selling my very own custom, gourmet, cupcake creations.  For the past few years I’ve enjoyed making cakes for my family and friends.  Word of mouth turned that into friends-of-friends.  Soon I was getting requests to go into business as a baker.  Legally speaking, selling my cakes for a profit won’t be possible anytime soon.  But what I can do (and yes, I did call the state to verify) is hold bake sales, up to three times per year, to benefit a non-profit.  Sing it with me – HALLELUJAH!


So how does it work?  I thought you’d never ask.  Here is a handy-dandy info sheet I created.how to order pic

Come August 11, I will release Order Forms for our first Sales Week.  Cupcakes will be available in dozens (for regular size) and double-dozens (for minis).  I’ll even have gluten-free and paleo options!  To say I’m excited is a vast understatement.  Up till now, baking has been just a fun, creative outlet…so to think this little hobby ‘o’ mine could serve to improve, even save, the lives of Kristen’s Ethiopian family and friends…it’s humbling.  It’s thrilling.  It’s Unto Good Works.

Today I am launching Cuppa Love on Facebook – be sure to check it out and ‘like’ my page to receive updates about the first upcoming Sales Week!

And, if you’d like more info about the clean water project, visit Kristen’s page.

In His love,


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